"Becky's warm, wry humor leads the class in a way that both appreciates and lifts up the spirituality of the practice while at the same time highlighting the humanity of it all. It's just yoga, we're all humans, and laughing is awesome." -- Maxine

"She not only brings a strong, physical practice, but her inner light and joy for yoga totally shine through in her words and near-constant smile." -- Trish

"Becky has a unique and powerful ability to see each student and help them grow. " -- Heather

"Becky encourages her students to gently push their boundaries and create an environment that is light and fun. I always find myself in the present moment in [her] classes, which pretty much never happens... " -- Natalie

"Becky brings a calm yet spunky presence to the yoga studio.  She quickly and effectively builds relationships with students and is able to challenge their practice with simple, meaningful assists." -- Amanda

"Becky's classes offer her students a safe and welcoming space. She encourages you to push yourself to a deeper place each time you get on the mat. After class, I feel energized and enlightened. Becky is a great teacher whose positive attitude and warm smile makes sweating a lot of fun!" -- Matthew

"She has encouraged me to be more mindful and compassionate both on and off the mat. Plus, there's always awesome music to go along with a great class!" -- Meghan

"Becky forms genuine, caring relationships with each of her students.  I feel renewed each time I leave her class and each visit makes me more excited for the next one. I've become much stronger in my practice because of her." --Sean